About Us

WR Electrical and Solar are a Perth based (family owned and run) business, that provides premium equipment and service. Our aim is to provide quality workmanship with value for money installations that don’t charge exorbitant prices so everyday people can afford the latest technologies in Solar savings and Electrical fittings.

WR Electrical and Solar are a Clean Energy Commission Accredited installer that will provide friendly, easy, no pressure dealings and IF NEEDED, in today’s environment, are able to conduct (personnel) contactless quoting and installations with all necessary communications conducted via our friendly team either by phone, email or via web access.

This also means you don’t need to be home for our dedicated team to install your solar, it is all planned and taken care of while getting a quote, to us receiving the go ahead and final invoicing, however we love to meet people in person too.

What WR Electrical and Solar Provide:

– Guarantee

The systems we put together, feature some of the best cost-effective solar panels and inverters available in Australia, which will provide our customers with up to a 25-year performance guarantee on panels and up to 10 years on inverters. You can be rest assured that the solar energy system we install for you will continue to operate at maximum efficiency and assist in reducing your energy costs for many years to come.

– CEC Approved Products

Solar panels and inverters that we install can be found on the list of approved products that is maintained by the Clean Energy Council. What this means to you as our customer is that you can be sure all the components in your new system will comply with the relevant Australian Standards.

– Don’t Pay Exorbitant Prices

One of the factors that has stopped many individuals and companies from embracing everything that solar power has to offer is the perceived high cost of new installations. With our highly competitive pricing structure and current rebates available, we are pleased to inform you that solar panels are now more affordable than ever before.

– Solar Energy Systems Designed for You

Unlike some of the systems on the market today, every installation that we provide is there to meet the needs of the individual client. If you have looked at solar before but been unable to find a system that fits your use (or if you would like to have a specific brand), please do not hesitate to get in touch with us as we are sure to be able to help you save.